Greenvue Masterplan

Pacific Pines, Gold Coast

The masterplan, including the design of 44 distinctively modern townhouse residences and community facilities, was conceived to maximise passive solar orientation in order to reduce reoccurring energy costs. Underground water tanks and water filtering systems were incorporated to harvest rainwater throughout the site, respecting the principles of water-sensitive urban design. Contemporary living spaces have been designed to incorporate natural light, breezes, and expansive rear courtyards. The plan maximises pedestrian movement and thus minimises the utilisation of vehicles. Community centre facilities have been located centrally and adjacent to northern public open space. Pedestrian links have been located at both the northern and southern ends of the site to encourage cross movement and access to surrounding community parkland areas. This north south movement has also been reinforced with the spine associated with the community facilities and the topographical nature of the site which slopes from the south eastern corner down to the north western corner. On the edge of the Gold Coast hinterlands, Greenvue has developed into an exemplar sustainable community.