Caloundra Retirement Village


Situated on the gateway to Caloundra, this masterplan for a residential, retail, recreational and retirement care facilities was developed to maximise the site’s potential while creating a sustainable community environment. With views towards Mooloolaba, the central spine road framed by hoop pines dominates the topography giving interest and diversity to the journey through the site. A tapestry of interconnected secondary roads allowed the site to be developed in stages. A pedestrian and cycle path network connected the green parks of the site and minimised conflict with the road network. Retirement facilities were located centrally adjacent to retail shops to allow elderly inhabitants to maintain an in dependant lifestyle non-reliant on motor vehicles. The retirement village maximised permeability to enable inhabitants to commute via pedestrian pathways throughout the site and beyond. A sense of community was fostered by leaf shaped micro gardens placed in public zones to encourage chance meetings.