Central Seat+Drinking Fountain

Spring Hill, Brisbane

Central seat and drinking fountain is a wonderful new spin on shaded courtyard seating. Designed to teach children about the importance and use of our environmental resources, it recycles first grade grey water directing it towards a central tree and garden bed. The drinking fountain’s unique dished surface accommodates bubbler heads designed to suit children and adults of varying heights. The brief was initially to provide shelter and seating for primary school children. We developed and expanded the brief as a learning tool for children to see at first hand how they can impact the environment in a positive manner. Environmental sustainability was looked at from an educational as well as an aesthetic, economic and functional view point. Aesthetically Central needed to be beautifully simple and attractive to encourage engagement, economically it needed to be robust to withstand the impacts associated with wear and tear as found in any primary school and expand the lifecycle period, and functionally it need to suit children of all heights and ages while being comfortable to use.