Canoe Reach Residence


This riverfront residence engages the landscape at the entry courtyard to visually minimise the garage and give the false appearance of a one story loggia. This sets up an unexpected arrival sequence to a central courtyard that opens up to a two story space with overhead parasol roof. This courtyard is the central focus of the house which embraces the notion of an outdoor/ indoor area for the family to live in. Surrounding the court is a u-shaped plan that clearly focuses the houses attention towards the river. Living spaces including the kitchen, library and lounge box feed off the courtyard level. A spur to this is a steel and glass living pavilion that cantilevers out across the pool to take in breathtaking views up and down the Brisbane River. In contrast the building utilizes warm masonry walls and timber trim that inextricably ties the main building to the ground. Bedrooms are organised above the living spaces of the courtyard, cleverly utilizing floor levels to maintain a hierarchy of privacy from the court.

Winner of the Australian Institute of Architects State Award Queensland 2008 + Brisbane Regional Commendation, Australian Steel Institute Award 2008, Colorbond Award for Steel Architecture 2008.