Gabba Memorabilia Display


The Brisbane Gabba is steeped in a rich and diverse sporting history. Since 1895, over 125 years, the grounds have been host to a broad array of sporting events including- 2000 olympic soccer events, track and field, dog racing, trots, international and local cricket, rugby union international tests, and AFL to name a few.
A broad array of artefacts and images had been accumulated by the Gabba trust and Queensland government which they requested to be consolidated, sorted, categorised and displayed. Artefacts were gained from previously archived areas, and corporate boxes. As part of the commission, display cases of the most pertinent archival objects and images were to be displayed in both public and private locations throughout the ground’s many entries and facilities such as the member’s dining area.
An example was a 1932 Bradman era body-line series cricket bat. Security of such artefacts was an integral part of displaying the objects as was visibility of the actual objects. To this end, display boxes featured concealed opening mechanisms and importantly a perspex top to allow the general light to illuminate the object in question.
An added complexity was the requirement for change-over between the cricket and football season, and the separation of artefacts and images for both seasons.