Spring Hill, Brisbane

The replanning, refurbishment and extension of this historic late 1800's worker's cottage re-engineers the house to accommodate 21st century living requirements. At the core of this sustainable design is the idea that lifestyle, rather than being compromised, can be enhanced when engaging our global responsibility to our environment. Therefore this refurbishment preserves the historic nature of Spring Hill for future generations by complimenting and maintaining the original integrity of the residence. On a tight inner city residential block, separating the building by locating a linked pavilion to the rear of the site creates a courtyard between the two structures and maximises passive solar orientation in an aim to minimise overall energy use. 25,000 litres of precious water is collected, stored, used, reclaimed and recycled, and energy from the sun is harnessed in solar cells and thermal mass for redistribution. This residential type will guide future sustainable refurbishments of the dwindling historic dwellings in inner city, urban areas.

High Commendation Houses Awards 2011, short-listed IDEA Awards 2012 Architecture Review.