Teneriffe Residence

Teneriffe, Brisbane

In the Beal residence, isolation and austerity meet extravagance of the most refined nature. The innovation here is about sparseness and purity; with the rhythm, massing and discipline of the materials, as the guiding tool through which this truly tranquil space has been formed. The replanning and refurbishment of this modest house has transformed the living areas, staircase, bathrooms and laundry. Externally the new interventions are composed of two parts- one to the front and the other to the rear of the residence. A feeling of monolithic integrity pervades these small but precise outdoor interventions. The rhythm and massing of brick platforms and staircases bookend the main living area of the residence, tying the raised building inextricably to the ground, while connecting and extending the interior and exterior spaces. A spacious, quiet aura pervades the new architectural interventions. The fineness of detail and celebration of junctions has been accomplished at vital moments- the stair edges, the water feature, where the sky meets screen, or where posts impact the ground. The ease by which the final composition sits belies the complexity of the challenge.


  • 2010 Short-listed for the Horbury Hunt Award