Jacobi Residence

Boyne Island

On a tight budget and in a rural region this residence affords views to the Boyne River and Pacific Ocean beyond from the upper deck. The house is broken up into two distinctive areas- the main living area and the more private bedroom wing that is distinguished by split level access. Services were cantered around a core to minimise cost. The light weight timber and tin upper level increasingly diminishes in bulk and texture. A protective roof covering has 1 meter wide overhangs to protect and shield the external walls. The base of the house accommodates a carport and a study, and is in masonry to ground the building visually. A feature of the central living area is the cathedral type trussed ceiling with plywood lining.


  • 1995 Master Builders Awards- best house for the region, best house for its price range $100-$125,000, best use of timber, best interior.