Hill Street Residence

Spring Hill, Brisbane

The reimagining of an existing dwelling to address and gain visitor access from the street presented an opportunity to formulate a solution that allowed the home owners to engaged with the street from the prospect of an elevated platform. 

Rather than a lightweight composition, the platform was supported by masonry to inextricably tie it to the sloping grounds, but also to imbue a sense of permanence and security.  To lighten the composition, linear breezeblocks were employed that not only allowed air circulation, but created a cascade of light shafts that dance across the decks into the living spaces behind.

Planter boxes featuring cascading white bougainvillea, are also incorporated in the masonry plinth of the front balcony, to soften and bring to life the composition.

This same desire for ‘open permanence’ was developed at the rear garden wall, with the intent that plants grow through, in and around the unique pattern of the linear blocks, developed to emulate a battened Japanese screen.

The softness and depth this surface presents gives it simultaneously both gravitas without brutalism.