Brassey Street

Fairfield, Queensland

Brassey Street is a synergy of old meets new, with respect for and teachings from the past, caught in the dwellings of the future.

When faced with a client's desire to establish three dwellings on a site with a Queenslander, it was important to maintain the traditional half-storey elevated street connection while tying to the ground the elevated platform.

Steps incorporate seats as they rise to an outdoor pergola room which activates and invigorates the street life. Adjacent, the once enclosed verandah was reopened with aluminium louvers running the full width and height of the facade behind the rediscovered original balustrade.

Off a central court, symmetrical duplex dwellings have living spaces spilling out to a generous deck and sunken garden. Northern winter light floods through windows to passively heat the concrete slab. Upstairs four bedrooms are organised around a central hall and light filled stairwell with the distant city backdrop.